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Cleaning services in CR0 Croydon

Our enthusiastic Croydon carpet cleaners claim that you don't deserve dirty and filthy carpets. Therefore, we will provide you our reliable assistance. Here in the CR0 and CR9 areas, Croydon's Carpet Cleaners is always ready to help you with high-quality disinfecting of your carpets, rugs and upholstery. Enjoy flawless carpet hygiene by entrusting the hard job to Croydon carpet cleaners! It's easy and affordable, thanks to Croydon carpet cleaning services!

Listen to our professional advice concerning Croydon carpet cleaning services? Just trust our Croydon carpet cleaners and don't underestimate the impeccable cleanliness of your floor coverings! They need regular hygiene maintenance through our convenient Croydon carpet cleaning services. Croydon carpet cleaners are prepared for sanitising every type of fabric. Our friendly experts are perfectly trained, vetted and insured, so don't hesitate at all! Keep in mind that Croydon carpet cleaners apply only proven, eco-friendly and modern techniques during the Croydon carpet cleaning. Actually, even the most delicate and water-sensitive fabrics are protected from loosening and structural damage.

Call Croydon's Carpet Cleaners on 020 3026 6039 and change the atmosphere in your lovely home! Whether you own manufactured fabrics, carpets from decorative materials or original oriental and turkish rugs - there is no matter. Our experienced Croydon carpet cleaners guarantee awesome final outcome.

Continue reading and learn more facts about our specially tailored carpet cleaning packages, available in the whole CR0 district:

  • Carpet steam cleaning - the great power of hot water combined with special detergent and injected into the carpet material under very high pressure give wonderful final results. Thanks to this reliable steam-heat extraction system, applied by Croydon carpet cleaners, even the most resistant microbes are eliminated.
  • Carpet dry cleaning - when client's carpets are not suitable for steam cleaning, because of the water-sensitive materials, another efficient and proven technique is performed. The dry cleaning method, applied by Croydon carpet cleaners, perfectly sanitises and refreshes all antique, natural, hand-knitted and delicate materials.
  • Rug cleaning - Croydon carpet cleaners will do a miracle with your shabby and filthy rugs. Just leave us with your dusty rugs and when we finish, they will look as brand new.
  • Oriental and turkish rug cleaning - if you own this type of special rugs, don't bother at all! Croydon carpet cleaners will take care of their hygienic maintenance. Through efficient dry cleaning technique, the final results will astonish you.
  • Carpet cleaning - don't fool yourself that your superficial hoovering is enough! Rely on our expert Croydon carpet cleaners and they will accomplish steam or dry cleaning depending on the fabric.
  • Upholstery cleaning - it's already a great challenge! Dirty and discolored upholstery won't scare our professional Croydon carpet cleaners. Entrust us your filthy upholstery and get amazing results!

Croydon carpet cleaners won’t forget that professionalism and knowledge are not enough! Prices of our Croydon carpet cleaning services are also very important. Take it easy, because our rates will be the final pleasant surprise! They are reasonable and affordable, that's the whole truth.

Contact Croydon's Carpet Cleaners on 020 3026 6039 and talk to our polite customer care representatives! Choose the service you need and expect the visit of our trained Croydon carpet cleaners!

Our cleaning prices in Croydon

Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Carpet Dry Cleaning Prices
Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
Upholstery Dry Cleaning Prices

Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices

  • £25 - bedroom carpet
  • £30 - living room carpet
  • £45 - through lounge carpet
  • £25 - flight of stairs
  • £15 - small rug
  • £26 - large rug

*minimum charge of £49 is applied

Carpet Dry Cleaning Prices

  • £37- bedroom carpet
  • £45 - living room carpet
  • £67 - through lounge carpet
  • £37 - flight of stairs
  • £22 - small rug
  • £39 - large rug

*minimum charge of £49 is applied

Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices

  • £18 - armchair
  • £25 - 2 seater sofa
  • £37 - 3 seater sofa
  • £20 - pair of short curtains
  • £25 - pair of long curtains
  • £20 - mattress

*minimum charge of £49 is applied

Upholstery Dry Cleaning Prices

  • £36 - armchair
  • £55 - 2 seater sofa
  • £82 - 3 seater sofa
  • £40 - pair of short curtains
  • £50 - pair of long curtains
  • £40 - mattress

*minimum charge of £49 is applied

Each property has its individual characteristics, like size, condition and number of items that need to be cleaned. Regarding to this, each cleaning action requires different procedures and different duration. The prices listed above are approximate for average sized properties and items. Only end of tenancy cleaning is guaranteed service with free of charge re-clean within 48 hours. We could not guarantee the results of the cleaning of persistently contaminated or worn out fabrics, but we would make everything possible to improve their condition.

Service Cancellation

If you have to cancel or reschedule the service, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the cleaning appointment. Failure to contact us on time will result in a cancellation fee equivalent to £50.00. Same applies if there is no one to let the cleaners in or there is no water or electricity access.